A new spot that experiences unprecedented luxury outdoor open in Senagajima!

ISLAND MAGIC SENAGAJIMA by WBF was born in Senagajima of Okinawa , a cafe area where you can enjoy the authentic American BBQ empty-handed, a glamping area relaxing in the camping trailer, and a hot bath It is a new urban outdoor park

Whole cut of meat with BBQ Pit Boys original recipe

You can enjoy an exquisite BBQ that is by the original recipe of BBQ Pit Boys, that is a barbecue community born in the barbecue sanctuary. American Smoked Steak, Churrasco Pork and Beer Can Chicken are seasoned with original seasoning tailored to each meat. In addition, there are set of assorted vegetables, popcorn of original label, and big marshmallow as dessert. ※ Bringing in foods and drinks free of charge (food, drink and seasoning in the glass bottle are prohibited to bring in.)

BBQ Menu

Content of equipment
Original shade / WEBER grill (charcoal 3 kg + ignition agent + charcoal tongue) / cooking table / table bench × 1 unit Cooler Box (31 L) ※Provided Ingredients

Tool content
Kitchen knife / chopping board / beer cans chicken gloves (embossed) / cooking tongue / writer / gloves / collection garbage bags (70 L × 3) Beer for beer cans chicken / disbursing · paper plate · toweling · skewer × number of people

About bringing in
Food and drink can be brought in free of charge. ※ For children’s meals, bring in or share it.

※ Price per person (including tax)

Pergola deck site / wide view deck site
Lunch Plan【11: 00 〜15: 00】 4,000 yen〜
Dinner Plan【17: 00 〜21: 00】 4,000 yen〜

Air Stream Site
Daylight Grandping Plan 【12: 00 〜 15: 00】 6,000 yen 〜
Sunset & Moon Grandping Plan 【17: 00 〜 next 10: 00】 13,000 yen 〜

Air Stream Site Attached Service
• Available for “RYUJIN NO YU” in Senagajima Hotel.
Only Sunset & Moon Grandping Plan free incidental, others will issue 300 yen discount ticket.
※Those with tattoos will be unavailable in “RYUJIN NO YU” of Senagajima Hotel.
Confirmation of “RYUJIN NO YU” terms of service click here.
Please note.
• Linen
we will lend you a bath towel.
Long time plan only with breakfast
Sunset & Moon Grandping Plan only offers sandwiches that change according to the season.
You can pick up at reception from 7: 00 〜 9: 00.

Preparation / Clean up 
At ISLAND MAGIC SENAGAJIMA by WBF, every facility staff prepares and tidy up equipment, as well as garbage disposal except separation, so you can enjoy BBQ in a stress free.

Best Recommendation 【Sunset & Moon Glamping Plan】
A luxury plan that you can spend watching the contrast between the sea, dusk and moon. After enjoying the relaxed BBQ in accordance with the setting sun of Senagajima who is living slowly, you can refresh in the hot spring bath facilities of the Senagajima Hotel and enjoy luxurious time with viewing the majestic starlit sky. It is the highest grade ping plan which can be called just “a luxurious camp”.

〒901-0233 Okinawa-ken, Tomigusuku-shi, Senaga, 173 Japan