Terms of service

  • This park is a replacement system.
    Lunch BBQ plan 【11:00-15:00】
    Dinner BBQ plan【17:00-21:00】
    Day light gran ping plan 【12:00-15:00】
    Sun set & moon gran ping plan【17:00-next 10:00】
    ※Reception is open from 30 minutes before the start of the plan, but entrance will be from the time of use.
    ※Please prepare to leave 30 minutes before the end time as a guide.
  • After having settled the usage amount for the number of reserved people, I will guide the entrance from the staff.
  • The plan and number of people change will be deadline 5 days 8:00pm before the date of use.
Changes after deadline can not be accepted.
  • When you visit, representatives please come to the reception. We will sign the necessary documents and will be the guide of your seat after payment.
  • When entering, please wear a wristband to hand you at the reception. Customers who are not wearing them may be required to pay their fees.
  • All facilities are quit smoking. Children also come in, so please use smoking area when smoking.
  • We are prohibiting acts that will cause annoyance to people in Neighborhood, such as instrument performance, karaoke and using speakers.
  • We are refusing to use a above-ground swimming pool, watermelon split, flow noodles etc in the facility.
  • You can only use handheld fireworks inside the use section. Fireworks, jet fireworks, direct fire use prohibited.
  • Pets are allowed to enter together. Be sure to put a lead in the facility.
  • Customers who do not observe the terms of use may be required to leave the facility.
  • We will charge for purchase price at our facility if customer’s intentions, damage of our facility due to negligence, damage of equipment are accepted.
  • Please always follow the staff’s instructions for disaster prevention and safety management within the facility. Please be careful not to enter other places your use section.
  • Please be aware that we are not responsible for any incidents, accidents, thefts, losses etc. occurring within the facility.
  • For parking spaces, please use except the Senagajima hotel own parking in the island.
  • Driver’s customers’ drinking is strictly prohibited.
※ Please be careful of drunkenness due to excessive drinking.
  • Please note that drunkards may be forced to leave.
  • A lot of memoranda such as mobile phones and valuables are getting much. Please be careful not to forget what you left off.
  • Except for the equipment provided by this facility, we can not bring in equipment that uses fire. Generator, cassette stove, fire burner stand etc are also prohibited.
  • Those who have put a tattoo will refuse entry in any case in “RYUJIN NO YU” of Senagajima Hotel.
    In case of discovery or notification within this place, we will leave the place promptly. We do not guarantee any refund.
    Please drop in after entering attach body paint and seals.
    For detailed terms of use in “RYUJIN NO YU” of Senagajima Hotel, please check here.
    Confirmation of “RYUJIN NO YU” terms of service click here.
  • We do not make any refunds for cancellation due to weather (interruption after the event).
  • Cancellation charges will be incurred from 20:00 5 days before the date of use.
  • Booking cancellation fee
    5 days -2 days ago:30%
    The previous day:50%
    That day:80%
    If you do not receive a contact: 100%
    ※ All reservations will be subject to cancellation only. We can not accept schedule change, number of people change, option cancellation after the reservation change possibility deadline has passed.
    I am sorry to trouble you, but please give me a transfer. (We ask for the transfer fee at the
customer’s share.)
    ※ In principle, there is no exemption from cancellation fee due to weather.
    ※ The deadline for changing the number of people and options will be 17:00 one day before the use day. Changes after deadline can not be accepted. For deposits when group bookings (over 30 people) are not refundable. Please acknowledge it beforehand. If you have any questions, please contact us on our homepage.